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Webinar: selling and creating your earning power

Unleash your selling superpowers! Our September 24th webinar helped do just that.

We joined our host, former BBC presenter Clare English, for an insight into generating sales and building your business income. We’ll found out from two great women-owned businesses on how they have identified where their customers are and how they set up and maintained sales pipelines. And we learned expert tips from sales and marketing leaders.

Our speakers included:

  • Gillian Crawford, owner of Lily Blanche, the jewellery brand behind the memory keeper locket and other beautiful pieces, and a Director of the Institute of Ecommerce
  • Jeanette Forbes, CEO of Blue Gentoo who has built a portfolio of businesses including PCL Group and Grape and Grain
  • Barbara McCrory, lecturer in International Sales Management, Entrepreneurial Leadership and Professional Selling with Napier University, who has over 25 years of buying and selling and has worked with some of the biggest brand names such as Mars, Masterfoods, Unilever, Dolmio, Heineken, Hellmans, Flora, Nivea, Walkers and Johnson Brothers;
  • Suzanne Williamson, Development Director JC Decaux, who has years of experience in media, advertising and branding and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

We’re sorry if you missed the chance to attend this webinar.As part of our summer 2020 series these webinars have been free to attend for those who have registered with Women’s Business Centre, but places are limited. So if you’re not already registered,  we’d encourage you to sign up now and details of the next time we announce webinars will be sent to your inbox before anyone else knows about them.

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