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My start-up story: Gail Bryden

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“For anyone thinking about starting a business, my advice would be to start. Be clear on your why: why do you want to do this, what makes your product or service different, and have clarity on what’s important to you. Listen to any founder’s story and this is what you’ll hear.

“Sharing our story is more important than ever, as people want to understand the background to the brands they buy. Personally, I had no intention of running my own business until stress affected me and I knew that I couldn’t go back to working in an office environment and wanted to focus on my own health and wellbeing. I had somehow lost sense of who I was in the corporate world. Ten years on and JustBe Botanicals has been exceptionally rewarding and filled with surprises. I certainly didn’t intend to develop the range that I have today. It’s also been exceptionally challenging at times, and it’s certainly taken longer than I thought to get established. I’ve learnt a lot about myself along the way and have built an incredible network of strong, passionate female business owners who are on hand to offer advice and support. A lot has changed in the last decade, not least the launch of Google and other amazing digital platforms that enable start-ups to communicate on a global stage with next to no marketing budget.

The fundamentals of good business apply: know your numbers, especially cash flow, and know your consumer/customer. You may never feel ready to take the first step, but my advice would be to learn as you go, never put yourself into financial difficulty and your best is good enough. There is so much support for entrepreneurs and small business start ups with Scotland. Although the world is more uncertain than ever, get clear on what you’d like to bring to the world and make a start.”

Gail Bryden is founder of JustBe Botanicals and an aromatherapist, holistic massage therapist and life coach.


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