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There’s something quite magical about deciding to start your own business, although for most people that decision comes with excitement and tension in equal measures.

Taking the first tentative step is always the hardest…but you’ve already done that by coming here, so congratulations and welcome!

Every woman has different reasons for deciding to start her own business. Maybe you want to earn a little more money every year to pay for a special holiday, maybe you have come up with a great solution to a problem that has been niggling you and others for years, maybe you think you could have a cure for a global disease. It doesn’t matter how small or big your business idea is, what matters is that it’s important to you, you believe in it and you want to do something about it.

It will be a rollercoaster journey of the most amazing ups and downs. You will grow in ways you never thought you could, travel to places you have never been and meet people you never thought it possible you would meet. Not only can starting your own business be a wonderful way to earn some more money but it can really help you improve your skills and develop as an individual for whatever you want to do in life.

But it won’t be easy, in fact at times it will be downright tough. Maybe your business won’t work out first time round…but you’ll learn the lessons and do better the next time. You might decide it’s not for you…but you won’t know until you give it a go. There again, you might absolutely love running your own business and nail it first time round!

Don’t worry if you think you don’t have the right experience just now. We all started somewhere in business and we all learned along the way, none of us gets everything right all the time. And you don’t have to do this all by yourself – there is a lot of terrific help and support available for you as a woman in business.

You can do this! Believe us, it is an amazing feeling holding in your hands for the very first time a product you have created, getting your first invoice paid, seeing your income grow…and all the time being completely in charge of your own destiny. How does that sound to you?

Get inspired with the real life stories of women who have already started up their own businesses. If you don’t yet have a business idea, check out the different ways others have used to come up with an idea. It can be really helpful to work up your idea into a business plan to keep you on track, and you can use our Start-up Ready Checklist to ensure you have covered off the key steps as you get ready to launch your business.

Ready? Be bold, be brave…take that first little step on the road towards making your business dreams come true. And remember we’re here for you with a helping hand as you navigate through starting up.


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