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Flexible working: how to look after yourself

The transition from office to home working has been challenging for many. Despite the numerous benefits enjoyed by some (like saying goodbye to the morning commute!) the flexible working era has encouraged individuals to feel that they need to be present in their working life almost 24/7.

According to Wildgoose, 44% of individuals are working more than ever before, some even taking shorter breaks at lunch and working through an illness. This type of routine leaves workers subject to an immensely unhealthy work-life balance.

With that in mind, it’s important to discuss some of the ways we can look after ourselves whilst working from home.

Set a Routine

Set a routine and stick to it. Try to begin work at the same time every day, and more importantly, when the workday is over, stop working. Without a routine, the lines between work and free time start to become blurred.

Take a Break 

Make time for short breaks throughout the day. Working from home is a great opportunity to explore your surrounding area by getting outside into the fresh air. Breaks are important for productivity too, as has been proven by the vast amounts of research on the pomodoro technique. They suggest setting a timer for 25 minutes, focusing exclusively on one thing for the duration, and then taking a 5 minute break. Working in short intervals with frequent breaks means you can work in small, focused bursts and stay productive.

Eat and Drink Well

Nutrition at work is paramount and eating the right things will help to increase concentration, productivity and energy. Some snacks that tick all of these boxes are seeds, dark chocolate, and blueberries. Don’t forget to keep a water bottle by your side all day too; hydration is key to reducing daytime fatigue. Taking time away from your work to nourish yourself with good food is a great practice, and one which will help you stick to your routine as you work from home.

Make the most of time at home

For many, flexible working wasn’t an option prior to the pandemic. Enjoy the benefits that this brings! For one, the lengthy commute is finally off the table. Some of us can gain a much-needed extra hour in bed in the mornings. According to a survey by Vitality (2019), 35.1% of employees get less than seven hours of sleep per night. Therefore, this is your chance to really refuel and start creating positive habits. You’ll find yourself gaining an hour or so in the evenings as you wander out of your office and into your living space. Really make the most of this – you’ll often find you have more time and energy to cook, take yourself for a walk around the block and practice self-care.

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