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Find your voice online 

Image of Sarah, SEO and content specialist who helps women find their voice online

We teamed up with Sarah Buchanan-Smith, a content marketing specialist and SEO strategist. Sarah dedicates her work to helping women entrepreneurs find their voice online and get noticed by clients. She shares her words of wisdom to inspire women entrepreneurs to get themselves out there through digital content. In this article, we look at how to find your voice online and share it with people. 

By creating great content and understanding how to use SEO to boost it, you can create a voice for you and your business and let the right people find you. Find out more about content and SEO here. 

So, here’s three pieces of wisdom to help you find your voice, and get it out there… 

  1. “You’re doing them a favour! Go and be of service to people”. 

Remember, you are the expert in your own business! You are doing people a favour by sharing your knowledge and opinions, therefore don’t hold this back from people. You want your ideal clients to know what you and your business stand for, and what they can gain from you. Content is the way to build this valuable relationship. Just as you can provide an amazing product or service to your client, you can enhance their overall experience of your business by having a fantastic website with regular content updates like blogs, emails, and great social media. 

“It’s like sitting in a dark room with your party dress on”.

With all of your brilliant expertise as business owner, no matter what stage you are at, you have the ability to create inspiring content for your clients. If you don’t get this out there, and use SEO to your advantage, then it’s like sitting in a dark room where nobody can see you shine. Time to switch on the lights! You can use your platform to educate about a matter close to your heart, to entertain people, or simply remind your clients that you’re there. For example, if you own a food and drink business, you could publish a monthly blog which talks about recipe ideas; where you source your food from; or how to use leftovers. Social media is a great way to build your business’ presence online, so pop a photo up on Facebook or Instagram. 

“Feel the fear and do it anyway”.

Mustering up the confidence to find your voice, make content and press “publish” is tough! But don’t let it hold you back from doing it. Your visibility will only help your business, build relationships with existing clients and grab the attention of new ones. Instead of focusing on your worries, get out of your own head and concentrate on the value you’re providing for other people. Put your message out into the world because people want to hear what you say. So, what are you waiting for?  

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