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Cyber security: Staying Safe Online

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We teamed up with Garry Damant, a cyber security expert from First Sentier Investors, to find out all we need to know about staying safe online. In this article, find an introduction to cyber security, as well as some helpful links and resources.

What is cyber security?

Cyber security can sound intimidating, but it’s not as scary as it sounds. It refers to the protection of information, data, systems, devices or even any electronic or physical services that you provide. By familiarising yourself with the essential information, you can prevent cyber attacks which might target the private details of you and your customers, or hack into your accounts.

Understand how to stay safe online

Understanding what it is, and how to spot the risks, can keep you and your business safe. For example, did you know that 94% of malware (malicious software) is delivered by email? Look out for warning signs like bad spelling, an email calling for “urgent action”, or ones asking for personal information.

Similarly, Facebook surveys are often a way of people trying to find out information about you so they can get your passwords – avoid these surveys!

Staying safe online: helpful resources

Cyber security update: focus on phishing attacks, read here

Read this helpful guide on phishing for an introduction, and how to avoid phishing attacks, here. 

For a glossary of all the terms you might come across on the topic, click here.

Additionally, here are some helpful links for more information:

The National Cyber Security Centre

Stay Safe Online

Security Awareness Special Interest Group

Very Interesting Social Engineering Video

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