COVID-19 and your business

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We are all living in a strange and uncertain world right now and it will take time for each and every one of us to fully adapt to the new norm of business – whatever that may be. But making decisions with a lack of knowledge and keeping going despite uncertainty is what entrepreneurs are pretty good at!

You can keep up to date with the Scottish Government routemap on coming out of lockdown, including what this means for different kinds of businesses, here. General business information and support, including some opportunities for COVID-19 related funding and grants (mainly for existing businesses) are available for Scottish businesses on Find Business Support and also via Business Gateway. All UK based business can find information and COVID-19 support here.

You can read more about financial support for businesses in the wake of COVID-19 here.

In adversity, there is very often opportunity, and there may be many business opportunities worth exploring now that simply weren’t viable a few months ago. There is never really the perfect time to start a business. You will never have all your ducks in a row… but maybe the perfect time for you to start could be now? The pandemic has seen a greater demand for personal protective equipment, remote working technology and home office equipment to name just a few. More people are shopping online and holidaying at home and all of these changes may offer new business opportunities. Read more about potential new business ideas here.

The COVID-19 crisis has had a particular impact on women, largely due to the fact that we tend to take on more of caring responsiblities as well as trying to continue to earn through jobs, starting up or running our businesses. You can read more about this, as well as practical steps to cope, here. Perhaps you have already identified a new business opportunity or decided that now is the time to turn a hobby or interest into a business. Whatever your reason for starting up in business, we are here to share our experiences and help you get up and running.

If you are ever looking for information on a topic that’s not yet covered, or need a particular dose of inspiration to boost your motivation, just get in touch.

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