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Awards: because you’re worth it

When you’re head down running your business, getting an award is the last thing on your mind but when it comes your way, it is hugely gratifying. So says Christy Hyslop of Lose It and Love It, who reflects here on her business journey.

“I launched Lose It and Love It, based in Kilmacolm, in early 2016. My mission is to help clients lose weight and feel fabulous by nourishing their bodies with wholesome foods, making lasting changes to their diet and lifestyle in the process. Lose It and Love It takes an innovative approach to weight loss and nutrition, providing online and one-to-one coaching to clients locally and internationally.

With the business being so young, you can just imagine how thrilled I was to win the ‘Most Promising New Business’ award in my local Chamber of Commerce ‘Bees Knees’ awards, within a year of launching. It forces you to step back, take stock of what you have achieved and then start working on the next stage of your business journey.

I believe in giving clients a private personalised service, which I deliver one-to-one, ensuring they have the privacy and expertise they deserve. This sets Lose It and Love It apart from other weight loss programmes. Clients seem to agree that I offer something unique – I have been lucky enough to work with people not just from across the UK but from as far afield as Spain and Qatar. All consultations are professional, yet personal enough that my clients feel comfortable and get the most out of each session.  Great client satisfaction has led to high internal referral rates.

At Lose it and Love it, I am passionate about coaching and supporting my clients 100% of the way and I keep them focused on their end goal. One satisfied customer Angela Devine, from Kilbarchan said, “This was the best decision I have made for my future. New life, great food and tailored support.”

The key to my success is that I put my client’s health issues first and treat each person as an individual, with individual weight loss needs and required support. One of the biggest problems people face when embarking on a weight loss journey is lack of support, motivation and tailored advice. Being accountable to me, their coach, is what keeps my clients going.

So, to help my clients stay on track I carry out regular coaching sessions mostly by phone as everyone has such a busy life, giving them advice on weight loss and motivating them as their diets progress. Cookie cutter weight loss plans don’t work – what works for one person may not work for another.

Lose It and Love It has had a successful first year and I am currently developing workshops and corporate presentations that will allow me to go out into the community and share my passion and help people ditch the fad diet and learn how to nourish their bodies.

I am passionate about people making a lifestyle change and not viewing my plans as a diet but a way of life. This award is a really good endorsement that I am heading in the right direction. I’d encourage every woman-led business to look at what award schemes are relevant to their particular business, then get out there and put yourself forward.  Whether you win or not, the award process makes you really step back and think about your business and it’s also a great way of getting your name out there amongst the wider business community.”

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