Boosting the leadership skills of women in tech

Women’s Enterprise Scotland (WES) has launched a Digital Leaders Programme, aimed at supporting women working in Scotland’s technology sector.

WES, who delivers the Women’s Business Centre, is running the six-week programme with the aim of developing leadership and resilience skills amongst women in tech.

Over the course of the Covid19 pandemic, research has revealed the growing gender disparity as women bear the brunt of domestic responsibilities and face a larger economic burden. The technology sector is expected to be a major driver of economic growth in Scotland, and therefore it is essential that women can achieve their full potential in the industry. With diversity comes innovation, and companies who innovate will gain the competitive advantage in the market in the long run.

On average, companies will see a 42% higher return on sales, with a diverse board. Diversity drives innovation and innovation drives growth.

If you’re starting up your own tech business, the Women’s Business Centre is here to help!

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Find out more about the WES Digital Leaders Website, where you can find resources, our webinar recording, and information provided by the Digital Leaders Programme

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